Covid19 Summaries of Evidence

What are the HSE’s National Library’s Summaries of Evidence?

NHLKS Summaries of Evidence are compilations of the latest research evidence and key reference information related to Covid-19. They are developed by the NHLKS Evidence team in response to questions received by healthcare professionals via our online evidence request form.

Each Summary of Evidence contains a comprehensive representation of all available research evidence and key reference sources and provides collated information on a topic of interest, displayed in a way that it is easy to follow and understand. They aim at supporting our healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.

Evidence summaries on topics related to Public Health in Ireland are available at the HIQA website

Please note: Official guidance and evidence related to infection prevention and public health measures is regularly updated by the Health Prevention and Surveillance Centre. So no evidence compilations related to those topics are included in this page.

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  • What has been the impact of mitigation and restriction measures in curtailing the spread of COVID 19? - Updated April 6th - Download the summary of evidence 
About the HSE’s National Library’s Evidence Team

The HSE’s National Library’s Evidence Team is made up of qualified librarians working in the HSE, who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience of advanced searching.  During the COVID-19 emergency, librarians from other public sector organisations including the wider health sector have joined our team on a voluntary basis.  All librarians on the team have expertise in searching and validating information.  The team has access to a pool of volunteers with clinical background who act on an advisory capacity should the need arise.

Search Protocol and Sources of Evidence

Sources of Evidence and search and display protocol

Our evidence searches target major bibliographical databases such as Medline and Embase, other reputable sources of clinical research evidence such as the Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service, guidelines from major national and international organisations such as WHO, ECDC, HPSC, etc., as well as clinical point of care tools such as UpToDate and BMJ Best Practice.  Our search also includes consultation of other authoritative sources on the open Internet and social media in the interest of comprehensiveness and to keep pace with the rapidly changing evidence base.

Our search protocol is activated upon receipt of a request via the online request form, and includes background reading of point-of-care tools and other sources to build search vocabulary, terminology and synonyms in order to proceed to a detailed search of the aforementioned sources.



All NHLKS Covid Summaries of Evidence collate all research evidence and key reference sources to our knowledge at the time of writing and do not replace clinical judgement or guidance. Emerging literature or subsequent developments in respect of COVID-19 may require amendment to the information or sources listed in the documents. 

Although all reasonable care has been taken in the compilation of content, the National Health Library and Knowledge Service Evidence Team makes no representations or warranties expressed or implied as to the accuracy or suitability of the information or sources listed in the documents. 

The Summaries of Evidence available in this site are the property of the National Health Library and Knowledge Service and subsequent re-use or distribution in whole or in part should include acknowledgement of the service.

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