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HSE Open Access Research Awards


Celebrating Open Access

The HSE Open Access Research Awards were established in 2014 to encourage and reward open access publishing in the Irish health sector.

Submissions are invited from across a range of disciplines in health and social care.

About the Awards

The awards build on the HSE’s statement on Open Access publishing and the commitment to develop and promote open research. The award recognises health and social care professionals and those conducting research in the Irish health system. It is a route to promote research activity that improves the evidence and knowledge base underpinning our health services.

Open Access Awards 2021 – Emerging from the Shadow of Covid-19

This year has seen the Irish health services deal with a number of unprecedented challenges, from the massive cyber-attack in May to the rollout of the largest vaccination programme in the country’s history.

Through it all, clinicians and researchers have continued to deliver high quality healthcare – and to research new treatments, new advances in science and health, new ways of improving health outcomes.

The HSE Open Access Research Awards aims to shine a light on this activity and to thank those who have chosen to make their work available through Open Access, making their discoveries and advances freely available to all.

Open Access Awards montage of presenters and winners

Presenters and winners from the 2020 Open Access Awards

This year’s awards will be in four categories:

Acute Care and HospitalsCommunity and Social Care
Mental Health and DisabilitiesCovid-19

Criteria for entry

Entries must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The research must have been published within the past two years (24 months)
  • The research must be available in full text in an Open Access forum (and added to the Lenus repository, pre or post entry)

The closing date for entries is Friday October 29th 2021, and the winners will be announced in early December. Enquiries about the awards can be directed to