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Building a Culture of Open Research for Health and Social Care Practitioners

The National Action Plan for Open Research published in 2022 by the National Open Research Forum sets a target of ‘Achieving 100% open access to research publications’ by 2030 across all disciplines and environments of research production. 

Many Irish Health and social care practitioners who conduct and publish research do it independently not in an academic setting. This can mean they are excluded from access to transformative agreements that form the basis of open academic publication, leaving them liable to pay expensive Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Health Library Ireland and National Quality & Patient Safety Directorate along with a group of partners including the Irish College of General Practitioners, the Irish Open Access Publishers and representatives from RCSI Library and UCD School Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems have recently received funding from the National Open Research Forums’ Open Research Fund 2023 for a project to support Open Research publication.

Open Health Research Project

The Open Health Research Project is a year long initiative to build a community of open research and create an open access publication route for Irish Health and Social Care practitioner researchers.

Project Aims

  1. Establish a formal Open Health Research network.
  2. Deliver a viable route to 100% open access through development of a (Diamond) Open Access Journal for Irish health and social care research.

Project Objectives

Are you a Healthcare Researcher? We want to hear from you!

If you are a health or social care practitioner interested in conducting research and making it openly available or you are already publishing you work in an open format please fill in the survey.