Login help

Who can apply for a HSE Library account?

All current HSE staff, students and HSE Interns can apply for a Library account. For more detail see:

How do I complete the online form?

Fill in the registration form and select the HSE Library location you are based in or the nearest location to where you work.  

If you are working on a temporary contract please include the date when your contract will expire when completing registration.   

Use a HSE email address to register if you have one. You will need to verify your email address by clicking a link in your email. Within 15 minutes, you will receive a welcome email with your username and a link to send you a password reset email. Using a HSE email address, the process should take no longer than 30 mins.

If you use a personal or non-HSE email address, such as gmail, you will need to verify your email. In addition, local Library staff have to manually approve your account which can take upto 3 working days (but is usually shorter). Once approved, you will receive a welcome email. If there’s any issue see the list of local libraries for contact details.