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The information below has been received voluntarily. If you have queries regarding a specific PPPG under development, please contact the development team / organisation directly.

The PPPG office is not involved in validation or prioritisation. PPPG commissioning and publication is subject to approval by national bodies.

TitleTopicEstimated Publication DateDeveloping Organisation
Mental Health National Volunteer Policy Working with People who use Mental Health Services, their Family Members, Carers and SupportersQ2Mental Health Engagement & Recovery
HSE Record Retention PolicyTo develop a new Record Retention Policy for the HSEMay 2021HSE Data Protection Office
HSE Consent for Research PolicyDeveloping a consent for research policy that will be separate to the current HSE National Consent PolicyTBCResearch & Development
PCPHN04: Procedure for the management of the safe transfer of child health records in the public health nursing serviceChild health recordsMay 2021Public Health Nursing Service
PCPHN05: Guideline on Maternal Postnatal Care in the Public Health Nursing ServiceMaternal Postnatal CareQ3 2021Public Health Nursing Service
PCPHN06: Guideline on the use of the Child and Family Health Needs Assessment Framework for the Public Health Nursing ServiceChild and Family Health Needs Assessment FrameworkJune 2021Public Health Nursing Service
National Policies, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines for the HSE and HSE funded organisations

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