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The Office of the National Framework for PPPGs (Policies, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines) is a part of the National Health Library and Knowledge Service.

We are currently in the initial phase of creating this space and populating it with guides and resources for the creation and the review of PPPGs. You can view some of the current national PPPG’s on Lenus, the Irish Health Repository, and current COVID-19 related guidance on the COVID-19 Repository.

If you have a national PPPG that is not on Lenus, we ask that you send a PDF copy, together with sign-off from its commissioning authority to

You can see a list of national PPPGs that are currently under development here.
If you are aware of a national PPPG being developed or reviewed that is not on this list, please let us know via


What is a PPPG?

A PPPG is a Policy, Procedure, Protocol or Guideline. A PPPG can be clinical or non-clinical.

How can I find the PPPG I’m looking for?

We are working on a central repository for all National Guidelines. For Covid19 related guidelines please see our Covid-19 repository. There are some National PPPGs located on Lenus.

Where can I get information on creating a new PPPG?

Instructions can be found in the National PPPG Framework.

I’m creating a new National PPPG – where can I contact to get more information or if I have questions?

Please also fill out the below contact form and we will be in touch.

Alternatively, you can email us at 


I have a national PPPG that I would like included in the central repository, where should I send it to?

If you have a National Guideline that you would like included, contact us at

How do I know what National PPPGs are currently under development?

We hope to be able to have a list of these regularly updated on this website, until then please direct your query to

How can I tell that my PPPG is ready to be published?

Please refer to the checklist found in the National PPPG Framework.

Who needs to sign off on a PPPG?

It should be signed by an individual who has authority to sign off on behalf of group. Please see framework for checklist of requirements.

Should I contact the PPPG office when I am ready to publish?

Please contact us by email at We will issue a PPPG ID and assist in getting an ISBN for the document, which is needed for publishing.

Is training available for PPPG development?

For training, please see these training videos on HSELand or contact your local library service.

How can I request evidence for a new National PPPG?

Please see here to raise a query with the library team regarding Covid19, and see here if you have a general reserach request.

We are looking for a Patient Representative to join us!

Are you interested in making a difference to patient care in the public health service?

Would you like to have a say in how PPPGs are developed in the health service? 

See our poster below for more details, and if you would like to apply, please fill in and return the Patient Representative form.