Library Impact – Case Studies

HSE Librarians and libraries creating impact and contributing to better outcomes

As part of #EvidenceInformedHealthcare HSE librarians and information staff are collecting and sharing the ways their work has added value and impact. These case studies demonstrate the ways

Impact Case Studies

These case studies outline examples from HSE staff of how and where library services or HSE librarians and information specialists have contributed to the impact of their work.

To submit an impact case study, contact your local library.

Case Study:  Developing guidance for boards on their role in improving quality and safety

Name: Maureen Flynn
Job Title: Director of Nursing, Lead Governance and Staff Engagement for Quality
Trust/Employing body: HSE Quality Improvement Division and Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director
Summary of problem or reason for enquiry: Synthesising literature on leading practices for health care board members in the Irish context and making a repository of resources and reading available in an accessible form.

Summary of outcome and impact


Case Study:Establishing a satellite Library service in Cherry Orchard Campus 

Name: Susanna Byrne
Job Title: Director Nursing & Midwifery Planning & Development Unit (NMPDU)
Trust/Employing body: HSE

Summary of problem or reason for enquiry: To enhance accessibility to information for clinicians (primarily nurses) who work on the campus of Cherry Orchard which accommodates Older Persons, Addiction, Child & Adolescent mental health, Public Health Nursing services & Primary Care centre. Local access would support & encourage staff to use the library facilities which in turn would support promotion of evidence based practice, person centred care and research and potential support integration across services. The Librarian in Central Library Dr Steevens engaged and  (was) keen to support the initiative from the outset.

“My experience of the satellite library service has been immensely positive. Bennery was super efficient and knowledgeable. From beginning to end of the session and days after Bennery provided a dearth of helpful information and was extremely supportive via email and telephone. The library service is extremely beneficial for health promotion and for personal professional development and in my opinion is a vital service for health care professionals.”   


Case Study: Need to streamline conducting searches to access best literature available to inform practice

Name: Margaret Williams
Job Title: NMPD Officer
Trust/Employing body: HSE NMPD Unit, Dublin South, Kildare and Wicklow

Summary of problem or reason for enquiry:  I recently commenced in the role of Project Officer in the Nursing and Midwifery Planning and Development Unit from a role that was very clinically based. The new role requires me to have the most up to date and relevant evidence-based practice to hand in order to ensure that the information I disseminate, the practices that I consult on and the documentation I input into; possesses reliability, validity and integrity.  My issue was, although I had some idea of how to conduct searches etc I needed to make this process more succinct and ensure that I was accessing the best literature available to me in order to inform my practice.

‘I was surprised at the resources that we have available at our finger tips and have advocated their use to colleagues going forward. I feel everyone can benefit from these services in some capacity’