Ebooks and eaudiobooks on health and wellbeing

The National Health Library and Knowledge Service has launched a ‘Healthy Ireland at Your HSE Library’ collection. This includes access to a large collection of ebooks and eaudiobooks on health and wellbeing.

The collection can be accessed via Borrowbox. Borrowbox is an app that allows you to download and enjoy ebooks and eaudiobooks on your phone or tablet.


Borrowbox is accessible to all HSE staff with an OpenAthens account.

If you do not have a HSE OpenAthens account you will first need to SIGN UP HERE.

Accounts are loaded from Athens weekly and should be accessible on the Tuesday following the account activation (for example if you create a new Athens account on Friday your borrowbox account will be accessible on Tuesday). Contact the helpdesk if you have problems accessing your account (include ‘Borrowbox access’ in subject title).

To access Borrowbox follow these steps:

Download the Borrowbox user guide for further information on how to use this app.

Browse our Full BorrowBox Collection here

Healthy Ireland at your HSE Library
For further information on our ‘Healthy Ireland at Your HSE Library’ initiative click on the link below:

BorrowBox Title Spotlight

Now available in HSE Library BorrowBox Collection ‘On Pandemics
Deadly Diseases From Bubonic Plague to Coronavirus ‘.

Access the audio and ebook on your HSE Library BorrowBox account.