Open Access Awards

Celebrating Open Access

The HSE Open Access publishing award was established in 2014 to encourage and reward open access publishing in the Irish health sector.

Submissions are invited from across a range of disciplines in health and social care.

About the Awards

The awards build on the HSE’s statement on open access publishing and commitment to developing and promoting open research. The award recognises health and social care professionals and those conducting research in the Irish health system. It is a valuable forum for promoting engagement in the health services and building and improving the evidence and knowledge base  underpinning our health services.

Criteria for Award

The research must address an issue relating to health or the health services. It can draw on expertise from the medical, nursing or social care disciplines to administration or management.

  • Its ultimate aim should be to inspire progress or fundamental change in our understanding of an important issue
  • Open Access availability of the published research Addressing a health question/problem of national or local significance
  • Improving collective understanding of a health question/problem
  • Measurable impact of the published research

Award Categories

  • Mental Health
  • Acute Hospitals
  • Primary Care
  • Social Care
  • Health and Well Being
  • Quality Improvement
  • National Cancer Control Programme
  • Clinical Strategy & Programmes

The Award Winners receive a newly-commissioned glass piece in recognition of a valuable research contribution to Irish healthcare.

Open Access Award 2017

Entries for the 2017 award are now closed.

The winners will be announced at the Open Access Award Ceremony in Dr Steevens Hospital on December 1st 2017.

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