Open Access Awards

HSE Open Access Research Awards

Former HSE Director General Tony O Brien presents the first overall Open Access research award to Dr Tamasine Grimes Dec 2014

Celebrating Open Access

The HSE Open Access publishing award was established in 2014 to encourage and reward open access publishing in the Irish health sector.

Submissions are invited from across a range of disciplines in health and social care.

About the Awards

The awards build on the HSE’s statement on open access publishing and commitment to developing and promoting open research. The award recognises health and social care professionals and those conducting research in the Irish health system. It is a valuable forum for promoting engagement in the health services and building and improving the evidence and knowledge base  underpinning our health services.

Criteria for Entry

The research should address an issue relating to health or the health services. It can draw on expertise from the medical, nursing or social care disciplines and include administration or management.

  • The research article should be peer reviewed and published in the previous 24 months
  • It should be available in full text in Open Access
  • Authors should be willing to have the article added to Lenus the Irish Health Research Repository if not already added

Judging Criteria

The entries will be assessed by a panel of expert judges with research experience. Some of the criteria they will assess entries on are;

  • The aim and ability of the research to inspire progress or fundamental change the understanding of an important issue
  • How research addresses a health question/problem of national or local significance
  • How the research improves collective understanding of a health question/problem

Award Categories

The Open Access Awards are awarded in the eight categories listed below. When submitting your entry select the category for which it is to be considered.

  • Mental Health
  • Acute Hospitals
  • Primary Care
  • Social Care
  • Health and Well Being
  • Quality Improvement
  • National Cancer Control Programme
  • Clinical Strategy & Programmes

The Award Winners receive a newly-commissioned glass piece in recognition of a valuable research contribution to Irish healthcare.


Open Access Awards 2017 Winners

  • In the Mental Health category: Conor O’Neill, for his paper “STRESS-testing clinical activity and outcomes for a combined prison in-reach and court liaison service”.
  • In the Quality Improvement category: Mark White, for his paper “Healthcare Quality Improvement and ‘work engagement’”.
  • In the Primary Care category: Clare Lewis, for her paper “A community virtual ward model to support older persons with complex health care and social care needs”.
  • In the Acute Hospitals category: Suzanne Dunne, for her paper “Benefits of post-operative oral protein supplementation in gastrointestinal surgery patients”.
  • In the Health and Wellbeing category: Kevin Cradock, for his paper “Behaviour change techniques targeting both diet and physical activity in type 2 diabetes”.
  • In the Clinical Strategy and Programmes category: Mary Clare O’Hara, for her paper “Formation of a type 1 diabetes young adult patient and public involvement panel to develop a health behaviour change intervention”.
  • In the National Cancer Control Programme: Alison Johnston, for her paper “Targeting breast cancer outcomes-what about the primary relatives?”

Overall winner

The overall winner of the 2017 HSE Open Access Research Awards was:

Mark Morgan Brown, for his paper “Capturing interactive occupation and social engagement in a residential dementia and mental health setting using quantitative and narrative data”.

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