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Knowledge Broker Service

July, 2017

Before taking steps to Ask an Answerable Question, it may be necessary for groups to clarify objectives with the assistance of a facilitation service.

This is a facilitation service aimed to help groups:
• Define their direction
• Create a vision statement
• Identify barriers to change
• Establish action plans for a particular service or project using a variety of innovative techniques,
which access creative and alternatives solutions resulting in break–through change and a recommended direction for moving forward.

Who is it for?
Project lead / decision makers and senior management in the HSE.

How to Apply
Complete our Application form and return to the following address:
Facilitation Service Health Intelligence
Red Brick House
Stewarts Hospital Campus Palmerstown
Dublin 20

A brief Survey Monkey questionnaire is distributed to all participants following the session. This helps us find out what worked well, what could work better and any other insights into the day. It helps with planning for future events.

Looking for more information?
Contact Health Intelligence evidence@healthintelligence.ie

Download this document here.