National Health Library & Knowledge Service

The National Health Library & Knowledge Service (NHL&KS) is made up of a national team of librarians and library staff. We work to ensure that the best possible research and evidence underpins decision making and advances patient care in the health service. Access to a knowledge base of literature is provided through our website. Innovations in library and knowledge services, such as librarians working as part of multidisciplinary teams, have produced significant improvements in patient care. For example HSE librarians are key contributors to national clinical guidelines. The commitment and skills of all grades of NHL&KS staff have made possible the quality of library service that healthcare professionals require.


Delivering a national health library & knowledge service for a healthier Ireland.

Mission Statement 

  • Make quality information easily accessible for all staff
  • Facilitate use of evidence in practice for research, clinical decision & health policy making
  • Enable knowledge flow for enhanced health & wellbeing    
  • Provide user centred study and research facilities to promote lifelong learning
  • Supply and create uptodate knowledge resources for health professionals to improve patient care.
  • Manage systems for the discovery, dissemination and archiving of research and innovation within the Irish health service
Our Values Outcomes
Integrity We serve the community with the highest levels of integrity and honesty.
Honesty We are honest in everything we do.
Fairness We believe in fairness and equality of access to information.
Respect We are respectful to staff, library members and colleagues at all times.
Empathy We recognise the importance of empathy particularly working in healthcare.
Family We strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance and family is important to us.

Welcome to the HSE Library Website – Introduction by Aoife Lawton, National Health Librarian

Aoife Lawton, National Health Librarian – Welcome to HSE Library website from HSE Library